Passive CWDM

icon-6-cwdmWDM or Wave Division Multiplexing knows two international standards, one of them is CWDM, Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing. Coarse indicates a larger space between the waves or, as they are commonly referred to, channels. CWDM is often used in situations where only a few channels are needed and there is no need for distances longer than 70 km. Opticonnect offers a range of Passive CWDM Multiplexers using channels between 1270 nm an1610 nm with a channel spacing of 20 nm.

Passive CWDM is an implementation of CWDM that uses no electrical power. It separates the wavelengths using passive optical components.

Optical Add and Drop


Opticonnect has chosen to provide most of the passive WDM solutions as OADM. Optical Add and Drop Multiplexers make it it possible to tap one or more channels from a multiplexed DWDM or CWDM connection. This makes it possible to direct a certain data stream for another department, office or data center to the AODM's location, without the need of interfacing all data streams on the link. OADM's are available as Single sided, meaning in and out in the same direction or dual sided, meaning in and out both directions of the fiber.


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