Keep it Single!


If you are looking for cost reduction in your WDM network, Singletraceā„¢ is the solution, it will help you to bring down the costs of installation, operation and fibers for you WDM connections.

The system is designed for Single Fiber use, meaning, one fiber strand per link, for both the connections to the switches, routers or servers as the multiplexed link.

Installation of the system can be done by any person with basic knowledge of fiber cabling and patching. No planning is needed and connections are self-explanatory (see picture). By using single fiber only, the chance of a faulty patch between Tx and Rx is reduced to zero. The number of connectors is minimized.

Reliability of the system is maximized by the fact that with the full single fiber solution there is statistically a 50% lower chance for a fiber interruption on the link and disruption because of dirty connectors, reflections, etc.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is minimized by the need for lease of one dark fiber strand instead of two, best equipment price possible, low installation and maintenance costs.


  • Datacenter mirroring
  • Carrier service provisioning
  • Any limited fiber case


SingleTrace Optics AB web copy

  • 4 x 0.1 - 4.2 Gbit/s optics
  • Range up to 50 km
  • All single fiber
  • Plug and Play
  • 19inch Rack mount enclosure

The optics

The SingleTraceā„¢ optics are an essential part of the systems effectiveness. By simply adding the port name to the product code written on the optics, installation is made as easy as possible. Initially the available optics are suitable for data streams up to 4.2Gbps.

Each unit on each side has its own dedicated set of optics, corresponding to the port number written on the system. The optics are protocol transparant and can be used in switches, routers and storage systems.

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